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Haley Songy Coulon

Haley Songy Coulon Salon Business and Marketing Director

Haley Songy Coulon

Salon Business & Marketing Director / Team Leader

"Live for the moments you can’t put into words."

Haley is a true social butterfly. She never meets a stranger and always has a smile. Her number one goal is to make sure every person that she meets feels confident and appreciated. She loves all things beauty. Her favorite thing about working in the beauty industry is meeting new people every day.

Haley believes to be a great leader that she must constantly grow and challenge herself. Haley is committed to leading the team with positivity, compassion and respect.

When not in the salon you will find Haley living her best life as a mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend. Entertaining, socializing and being with her friends and family is what she loves the most.


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