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Salon Sanity Products

Salon Sanity Hair Products Kerastase
Salon Sanity Products


Every woman wants exceptional hair, but the solution is not the same for everyone. Hair 
type, scalp concerns, internal and external factors are some of the variables that can affect 
the health of the hair. It requires personal attention and expertise to resolve all of these 
factors into one very individual, yet perfect, head of hair. Kérastase creates innovative 
products and bespoke rituals for flawless results.

Salon Sanity Hair Products REDKEN
Salon Sanity Products


The company was founded in 1960 by Jheri Redding and Paula Kent, thus the name, "Red-ken." Redken pioneered the "Scientific Approach to Beauty," and revolutionized the professional salon business by introducing the concept of protein reconditioning and developing new protein based products, which they patented.

Salon Sanity - New Orleans' Beauty Salon Specializing in Haircuts, Hair Care, Bridal Services, Skincare, Hair, Waxing, Makeup

We all know beauty comes from within but it sure helps out when our hair and makeup is amazing

Salon Sanity Hair Products Pureology
Salon Sanity Products


We led the way in creating products made with purity and good health in mind, and we pioneered the “no nasties” movement with our ZeroSulfate® shampoos and 100% vegan formulas. Our signature aromatherapy fragrances give every Pureology user an indulgent experience while protecting their hair color. Word quickly spread and our brand became a favorite of stylists and clients alike!

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