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Jennifer Boutwell

Jennifer Boutwell Salon Sanity Owner / Life Coach and Consultant

Jennifer Boutwell

Owner / Life Coach / Consultant

"We all know beauty comes from within but it sure helps out when our hair and makeup is amazing."

Meet our fearless leader, Jennifer Boutwell. Jennifer brings strength, kindness, and energy to the team everyday while leading, coaching, and mentoring from the heart. Jennifer’s experience as a hairstylist, public speaker, business owner, and her constant self growth enables her to lead an amazing team of beauty professionals to the next level. Her vision is to create a relaxing environment where each of the company’s guest will feel relaxed, beautiful, and confident to take on anything life throws at them. Her vision for her team is to empower each of them to live out their dream and passion.

Jennifer is passionate about not only serving her company’s guests but her team. She understands that great service starts with a happy team. Personal self growth, family, friends, flexibility, and fun at work is key to a healthy thriving environment for each individual on the team. 

Jennifer believes that to live your best life starts with finding your own happiness, living each day with purpose, love, and kindness. When Jennifer is not leading her team, you will find her jet setting across the country mentoring and coaching other beauty professionals with business owners to level up. She loves teaching classes and passing it forward on behalf of Summit.

Time with family and friends are the most important thing to Jennifer. You will find her on the sidelines supporting her two boys at their sporting events or traveling with her husband, boys, or friends. The beach and travel are definitely in her top list of things that bring joy and happiness to her. She firmly believes that you can not take care of the important people in your life if your “personal cup” is not full. Therefore, self care is a daily routine for her.

Salon Sanity is here to provide you with a little self care to fill your cup and give you a piece of “Sanity” away from the chaotic world.


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